CSN Groep for carefree IT

CSN Group has been active in the Dutch IT market since 1991. In that time, more than 1,500 customers have chosen to work with us. With smart IT services, experienced IT consultants and robust technology, we take care of beautiful companies, valuable organizations and special entrepreneurs.

CSN Groep is there for medium-sized and large companies that need carefree IT so that they can focus on their own business. CSN Groep is active in the areas of Workspace, Hybrid IT and IT Security. Almost all CSN Groep solutions are also offered as managed services. Our working method is based on all the knowledge, experience and talent we have in house. Tailored to the problem or challenge, we involve the colleagues who will carry out your assignment. An approach that guarantees both our and your success.

The creation of CSN Groep

"Our start in 1991 was special," says Mathijs Bakker, CEO of CSN Groep. "I was manager of the CAD department when the company where I was working came in severe difficulties. The CAD department was in danger of being removed. "Then the plan came about to buy the department itself. I was in the car and thought, "It's a good plan, but how can I ever do this?

Mathijs asked all the employees of the department if they wanted to join him and without exception they all said yes. There was a load of movingboxes in the hallway and everyone looked at each other: who is going to move one? "We were, of course, used to a postal room". At the weekend Mathijs' children played in the building, while he wrote quotations. During the week he had no time to do so; then he had to sell. He smiles: "It was a bizarre, but fun and valuable time".

The DNA of CSN Groep

With the help of a survey among our relations and employees, we have described our most important values that form the basis of the CSN Groep DNA.

The first important values are 'attention and service'. We see it as our goal to take the worries out of your IT systems, so that you can focus on the core tasks of your company. In addition, even the IT business, in addition to the bits and bytes, also remains human work. We therefore try to grow along with your business and to let your business grow thanks to our empathy.


In order to provide you with the best possible service, we have experienced employees who know what they are dealing with. Our research has shown that 'knowledge and skills', but also 'creativity', are important core values. We think it is important that our specialists come up with suitable solutions, and for this reason we also help our employees to continue to develop themselves. By continuing to invest in our employees, we can guarantee that they deliver high-quality services.


In addition to the serious side of the work, we also believe that 'humour and self-mockery / self-reflection' deserve a place within our company. We don't mind taking a critical look in the mirror every now and then. We do our work with great pleasure and form a tight team, which also uses humour. On the whole, you could see us as nerds with character, but also as realists with vision. Within the IT world we know how to find our way, and we hope to be able to provide you with good products and services.

All these factors mean that our core values are a guarantee for long-term, sustainable relationships. Nevertheless, CSN Groep is also a company that is never finished. We continue to work on improvements and innovations that should lead to added value for our clients. With our DNA as a guarantee, however, we believe that we have a fantastic foundation for the future.

ISO 9001

CSN Groep is ISO 9001 certified

The ISO 9001 certificate is an internationally recognized quality certificate, which is issued by an independent, impartial and expert institution. With certification of ISO 9001 CSN Groep demonstrates that the organization meets the requirements of customers or regulators and we increase the reliability of our products and services.
ISO 27001

CSN Groep is ISO 27001 certified

ISO 27001 helps to comply with privacy legislation. We want your and our information security to be in order, because:
  • We want to be a reliable partner for our customers
  • Increasing privacy laws require this of you and us
The ISO 27001 certificate helps in setting up a management system for information security (ISMS) in an organisation. With a certified management system for information security, you can be sure that we have done everything we can to secure information and comply with privacy legislation.